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4k Monitors

High resolution screens for image clarity and definition

Sharp PNK321 4k 32" LCD Monitor

Many are looking to 4k as the next big thing in displays as the buzz about Stereoscopic 3D has died down. This new higher than High Definition format promises to deliver sharp, life-like imagery to our screens, providing an immersive image without the need for cumbersome glasses. As with any technology the first batch of 4k capable displays attracted a premium price. Now with the production of consumer 4k televisions ramping up we are seeing a wider range of professional screens, with varying inputs and features, at a variety of price points.

We carry a range of 4k monitors to cater for the various applications that benefit from the higher resolution – be that engineering, computer modelling, photo editing, control room or film production to name a few. Below you will find a summary of the screens currently available. The list grows on a regular basis so please give us a call if you have any questions about 4k monitors.

TVLogic – for broadcast video

TVLogic make professional broadcast video monitors. Their range starts with 5.6″ viewfinder monitors, through control and edit room screens and up to large format displays. At the top of their product list sits the LUM-560W, a 56″ 10-bit 4k QFHD screen with professional video features. It includes four HDMI, DVI and SDI video inputs making it the obvious choice for those working with broadcast video. Crucially it supports the many different vertical frequencies associated with video signals. More details here…

They will also launch a 30″ true 4k (4096 x 2160) professional video monitor towards the end of 2013. This screen is DCI compliant and will have many features to make it the obvious choice for on-set monitoring of digital dailies and for use in edit suites. More details here…

Sharp – for desktop applications

Sharp are a well established electronics manufacturer and household name. They carry a variety of monitors for all applications from domestic televisions up to large format public displays and video walls. Their latest screen is a 32″ IGZO 10-bit 4k panel which is a perfect size for use on a desktop with editing and modelling applications. Driven by a single DisplayPort 1.2 connection it is also the most cost effective professional 4k display currently available. More details here…

Mitsubishi – for control rooms

Mitsubishi are another well known brand that produces a range of products for all markets. As well as their large format displays they have a 56″ 8-bit 4k QFHD screen that is ideally suited to control room environments. It features a gloss screen for vivid colour reproduction and contrast and input is via four DVI’s only. More details here…

Eizo – for desktop and medical

Eizo are a professional monitor brand well regarded for their colour accurate and medial monitors. Their range of screens includes two 4k monitors aimed at different applications. The 36″ 10-bit 4k Duravision is a desktop screen for creative applications driven by dual DVI or DisplayPort. It features a true 4k resolution of 4096 x 2160 as opposed to the more standard faux-k Quad Full HD resolution of 3840 x 2160. Their other offering is the 60″ RadiForce 8-bit 4k QFHD monitor. Designed with medical imaging in mind it supports the DICOM standard and is driven by two dual-link DVI’s. More detail on the 36″ here and the 60″ here


We also have access to larger 84″ QFHD monitors, available as Landscape only or a Portrait and Landscape model. Driven by four HDMI’s these are professional monitors without the branding. Contact us for more details.

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